Faculty Led Programs Galapagos


Faculty Led Program is a customized educational trip that offers an amazing international learning experience through organized activities that complement the curricula learned on campus. Get Ecuador assists our partner Educational Institution to internationalize their campus and increase students’ cross cultural understanding.

Customized service learning programs


GET Ecuador collaborates with communities in the four regions of the country: Andes, Amazon, Coast and the Galapagos Islands. We structure programs that combine: academic, volunteering (hands on experience), reflection process and other activities that contribute to a valuable cross cultural experience based on sustainable development.

Volunteer Galapagos Islands


GET Ecuador is a local organization that partners with NGO´s, and other Institutions to collaborate in the sustainable development of projects in the social and conservation areas. Our programs include: assistance at daycare centers, wildlife conservation, reforestation, women empowerment, elder care, health support, among other fields.

Internships Abroad Programs


Get Ecuador offers an amazing opportunity to gain vital work experience in a local organization, develop extensive networks and connections, improve Spanish language skills, and experience an emerging economy in various disciplines: Business and Entrepreneurship, Environmental Studies, Marketing, Social Work and Tourism and Hospitality.

Teach Abroad Get Ecuador Programs


Teaching abroad improves communication and social skills while reinforcing independence. The experience glitters on a resume, demonstrating that you are a highly adaptable, self-sufficient individual and able to adjust to other cultural atmosphere. Aside from letting you discover the lands and cultures of other people, teaching abroad also allows an individual to better understand and improve him or herself. GET Ecuador offers various teaching programs in Ecuadorian Institutions and abroad.

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