GET Ecuador programs are designed bearing in mind: “Responsible Tourism”, therefore the activities are friendly with the environment and follow green practices.

What is Responsible Tourism?

It’s a tourism or leisure activity that implements practices that are respectful of natural and cultural environment and which contributes in an ethical manner to the local economic development.

It therefore favors tourists awareness concerning their own impacts on the local territory »

Benefits of Responsible Tourism for the Visitor and the local Operator 

  • To enjoy leisure,  while respecting standards of social interest and environmental preservation. GET Ecuador observes the rules and regulations established by local organizations in the regions we organize volunteers programs and tours.
  • To favor the implementation of a responsible approach in the tourism activities. GET Ecuador constantly evaluates our programs to achieve good environmental practices.
  • To participate in the sustainable development of the host territory.  GET Ecuador maintains agreements with local municipalities, schools, tour operators, accommodation providers, and contribute to the growth of local economy. Our participants get involved on volunteer activities, local recycling campaigns, and other activities.