Service learning is a teaching theory and method that takes classroom and lecture hall based education and connects it to real life services that directly benefit the community or environment. A service learning project is different to traditional exchange programs as it is a group lead project that combines balanced learning goals with impact based service outcomes, synthesizing the two with periods of structured reflection.

The program involves real-life experiences to enhance academic studies, increase personal growth and interpersonal skills of the participant, and positively impact the global community or environment. The combination of service (the experiential, hands-on part) + learning (the educational context part) + reflection (when the student explores what they have experienced and learned, tying everything together) is what makes up a service-learning program.

Addressing authentic community needs is a key component, requiring students to immerse themselves in their host’s environment and work collaboratively towards lasting solutions at the local level. We focus on a sustainable community development method as an instructional strategy to achieve defined learning goals. GET Ecuador collaborates with communities in the four regions pf the country: Andes, Amazon, Coast and the Galapagos Islands. We structure programs that combine: academic, volunteering (hands on experience), reflection process and other activities that contribute to a valuable cross cultural experience based on sustainable development. Our aim is to find a balanced benefit for the community we will serve, and the participants through a respectful and deep connection to accomplish the common goal.

Arriving in a foreign land, meeting a new culture, and finding yourself as you serve others, this is all part of the International Service learning experience. Making a heart connection with the needs of others and being able to fill those needs is both gratifying and exhilarating.

Join a life changing experience!!

Program details

Depending on the time of the year you wish to arrive to Ecuador and number of participants of the group, we will organize together with the local community the activities that are needed, and plan the itinerary. Some of the most common activities developed are:

Medical area: We assist local NGO´s to give healthcare assistance in small villages and communities, some of the activities will include: improvement of the medical center, assist local doctor´s to do medical controls to children in the community, help on a health prevention campaign, among others.

Building projects: We work in communities for many years to ensure lasting progress. You can serve building a shelter, assist local members building a communal house, restoring a playground and other common spaces, and other valuable activities for the community.


Our service learning programs are offered in various locations around Ecuador mainland and the Galapagos Islands. We plan the itinerary according to the field of study and coordinate together with the Faculty member.


We offer service learning programs that fit easily into your academic calendar, ranging form one week to four weeks at different times throughout the year. The most common times are:

  • Short-term options
  • Summer programs and semester break (winterim)
  • Spring break

What is included?

  • Customized itinerary development. We plan the itinerary that best accomplish the objectives of service learning program.
  • Selection of a local organization to provide lectures or offer classroom space.
  • Housing. We select accommodations in safe neighborhoods where your students will be comfortable.
  • Ground transportation, and meals arrangements
  • Organized excursions and cultural activities according to the itinerary
  • Local coordinators – We provide bilingual coordinators that accompanies the group 24/7.
  • Safety and crisis plan.
  • Arrival orientation- On the first day we gather for a session with the group to explain the do´s and dont´s while in Ecuador.

Not included

  • International airline tickets
  • Personal travel insurance

Booking process

Please follow the steps bellow in order to start your lifetime Service learning program in Ecuador!!

Send an email to: info@gettotecuador.com including the following information:

  • Approximates dates for the trip and number of days in Ecuador.
  • Field of study and objective of the trip.
  • Contact information and availability for a skype call.

Your e-mail will be answered within 48 hours, so we can start the process.