Teach Abroad 

Program Overview

English has become the first language of international business, media, education and culture. Learning English allows individuals to interact with the global community, increasing their ability to understand nations beyond their own, solidifying the bonds between different cultures, recognizing new environments and ways to express.

Teaching in Ecuador offers complete immersion and insight into the Ecuadorian culture; you will broaden your contacts with local people and learn how the educational system in the country works.

GET Ecuador partners with pre-schools, primary schools, middle schools, high schools and English schools throughout Ecuador to link these organizations with international volunteers or English teachers. Applicants will also assist with other subjects such as Math, Science, Computer skills, extra-curricular activities and sports if required by the local Institution.

Educational Institutions in the Coast and the Andean Region work on different a different calendar as follows:

Coast and Galapagos Islands School Schedule: May – February

Andean Region SChool Schedule : September – June

The above months, gives the flexibility to place English teachers, or Assistants most time of the year. Participants will be placed according to their available time to join the program and teaching experience.

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During Summer we offer summer camps from three to twelve weeks in Quito and the Galapagos Islands: LEARN MORE

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